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If your needs consists of "show me", "how do I" or "I need"    -    I can Help!


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 Larry, (734) 528-3509
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Discounts for Seniors and "New First-time" computer owners.

Web Site Design

Establish a Web Presence for your Business or Advertise your thoughts and ideas.

Informational sites are a great way to get your message across. You can advertise your business or express your thoughts and ideas. With your own personal Domain name (i.e. MyName.Com), you can promote your site 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.Reach your customers, friends, family or any interested party  -  here or around the world. 

A Web Presence can and should be available to everyone.  Please call or E-mail today be on the World Wide Web tomorrow. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is.

Partial Portfolio

Small Business Consulting

At times, 24 hours is not enough for doing the day to day tasks needed in running and managing your business. Some tasks seem to take forever and some tasks do take forever. If you think you must "live with it" - think again. There are many software packages that can assist in the day to day operation of a business, if your needs are unique, there are many programs and tools on your computer that can be tailored to your business routines. 

Being efficient doesn't require a complex process or expensive changes.

Lets talk, with no obligation.

Home Computer "Handyman" Services

Setup  *  Tutoring  *  Installs  *  Webmaster Support

  • If the computer buzz words (bits & bytes) are giving you trouble and "downloads, uploads, upgrades, surfing, URL, burning CD's, CD-writer, fonts, zip, 98, XP, Me, Vista, Windows 7"...etc., all seem confusing 
  • If your new computer has an overload of icons, files, folders, programs, options, wires, power adapters, manuals, cd-rom, floppy disks....etc. and you don't know what to keep or throw away. 
  • If after you "read and follow the instructions" and there is still something missing. 
  • If "tech support" can't or you don't have the time for "the next available technician". 
  • If you new job requires computer knowledge 
Whether your computer needs are for your own home computer or home business computer, please call. All service, no matter how small, will be given full attention and support.